We provide our regional Customers, from oil and gas field, an innovative, cost-efficient method through which they will obtain maximum benefits regarding productivity and efficiency, with respect to the environment.

  • 1980’s: Scientific base of our technology come from the late Soviet secret labs developing army rocket fuels. Those military technologies were adopted to be used for civil purposes.
  • 1990’s: the Multistage Physico-Chemical approach was tested and improved on numerous wells in Ukraine and Russia
  • Early 2000’s: Acquired patents in Russia, Ukraine and USA
  • 2004-2007: Future Improvements (Gas Wells, Coal-to-Methane Wells)

The core concept of the Multistage Physico-Chemical Method is to increase the output and efficiency of an Oil & Gas Well.
Multi-stage combustion process of reagents of optimized compounds provides considerable increase in permeability of well bottom-hole zone which causes:

  • Micro-fracturing of the formation;
  • Removal of soil clogging and contamination;
  • Removal of skin-effect;
  • In-situ cracking-pyrolysis of high molecular hydrocarbons and transforming them into gasoline fraction.

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