Ultimate Analyzer

5E-CHN2000 CHN Ultimate Analyzer is used to determine Carbon,Hydrogen and Nitrogen content in coal, liquid and other volatile material, which is widely applied in power plant, coal mine, metallurgy,chemical industry, commercial inspection, scientific research, education etc.


  • Analysis of each element is controlled by independent detectors to minimize the consumables and gas usage. Different analysis modes could be selected, such as only analysis C&H mode and CHN mode.
  • Rapid analysis. It only takes 5 minutes to obtain the result.
  • Auto sample loader makes operation conveniently and quickly.
  • No need to separate the gas or do whole gas analyses. Saving your time and money.
  • Based on optimum gas circuit control, there is a controllable closed system. So the air and residual gas of combustion could be purged by oxygen. The closed system is isolated by gas proof condition to ensure no environmental influence on the result.
  • Complete and quick sample burning by packing with silver paper in large size crucible with good ventilation. Therefore the maintenance of change frequency of crucibles is minimized