Cooking Oil

PL300 Plastometric Indices Tester is to determine pectin layer index of bituminous coal (maximum thickness Y of pectin layer, maximum shrink grading X, curve shape and other parameters), describe technical characteristics of coke, and give information of coking and coal blending. This instrument is applicable to the departments of coal, metallurgy, chemistry, and verification department of coal quality.


  • Temperature is controlled by temperature controller, which temperature rise curve is based on GB/T479-2000 Determination of plastometric indices of bituminous coal.
  • Computer analyzes maximum thickness Y of pectin layer and maximum shrink grading X automatically, and draws curve.
  • Robot measures the thickness of pectin layer by imitating hands. Probe can rotate to avoid damaging pectin layer and glue solution spilling.
  • It has the functions of power-off protection and monitoring.
  • Auto-cleaner for coal cup (applies for national patent) can be selected by user, which can clean coal cups absolutely and be more convenient for operators.