Coal Samplers

We are along with its reliable partner M/s CKIC offers Train, Truck and Belt Samplers for maximize its customer’s profit.

  1. Train/Vehicle Sampler
  2. Belt Sampler

The train sampler or vehicle sampler is used for random sampling of bulk materials in the carriage of vehicle or train, which is the special equipment of mechanism, hydraulic pressure, electric control and microcomputer. There are three controlling methods: Manual, semi-automation and full automation. 5E-CYP-Z belt sampler performs the sampling of materials on belt in power, steel, metallurgy and so on, the sampled weight is proportionate to the material flow.

  • Change the rotating diameter of cutter according to actual condition.
  • Sampling switches between time base and weight base.
  • The opening size of cutter is three times as large as maximum granularity.
  • Coping device is fixed on the belt bottom, plastometric sweeping plates are fixed on the cutter bottom, ensuring cross-section of coal.
  • Equipped with material sensing device, automatically sense the transmitting coal flow to avoid sampling of no material.
  • The running of sampling device links with running of transmitting belt: In automatic operation, the sampling device can start the running only after running of transmitting belt.