Ash Fusion Determinator

E series Ash Fusion Determinator is used to determine if a coal type is suitable for use in boilers, it determines the characteristic melting temperatures of coal ash which are critical to the boiler functioning properly and to avoid slagging and fouling.

  • Available for determining four characteristic melting temperatures of 5 samples one time.
  • Special vertical design structure. Patented rotary vertical sampling device ensure the accurate and smooth sample sending.
  • Special industry camera monitor with CCD color camera photographing technique. It provides high resolution analysis image and automatic process control. Automatic direction adjusting device for quick camera position adjustment.
  • Upgraded image handling method and fully intelligent temperature characteristic melting temperatures identification to ensure precise result.
  • Special SIC heating components, temperature resistance, and thermal insulation furnace material to ensure stable 1600℃ working temperature.
  • Special & high efficiency gas detecting sensor to check the gas leakage with automatic alarm and gas circuit control. Real time ambient environment monitoring to ensure the safety of analysis.
  • Minimize the power to reach the max. temperature. Apparent effect on energy conservation.
  • Good safety. CE certified.